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People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories.

-Chinua Achebe

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The best story of Africa is yet to be told and we have been part of that unraveling, holding hands with mostly literati across the continent in sharing the tales of Africa’s becoming.

Griots Lounge started out making bold impression on modern West African literary scene, publishing award winning authors and powering exciting literary events. Together with partners and associates we continue to treat booklovers with growing list of highly acclaimed works of creative literature.

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On a collective journey to publishing great stories alongside, motivating and encouraging upcoming writers who have the right skills and vitality to expand our collective craving for storytelling.

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The Place

‘There is a world that exists in me, in us, in anyone who is alive. This world cannot be seen, but whatever actions are carried

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The Day I Made Jollof

I didn’t consider my inability to cook as a big deal until life’s circumstances forced me to live apart from family and friends for a

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Books Like Nothing You’ve Seen. Shop Today & Experience The Zest.​