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Welcome to Griots Lounge! The best story of Africa is yet to be told and we have been part of that unraveling since 2012, holding hands with storyteller and book lovers across the continent and beyond, sharing the tales of Africa’s becoming.

Who We Are

Team of book-loving professionals

Our Imprints include Griots Lounge, Griots Kids, and Osisi Imprint. Griots Lounge remains the mother brand through which we offer traditional publishing and sundry services to creative talents across Africa. We deliver children friendly literature through our dedicated imprint Griots Kids with such titles as JamJam and Other Chirpy Tales by Jide Aluka, Incident of the Dog by Chimezie Chika falling under this category.

What We Do

Finding new ways of bringing stories

To broaden access to the excellence in publishing for which we are known, Osisi Imprint cedes control to authors allowing the author navigate their own part to publishing satisfaction, with our guidance, of course. To know more about Osisi Imprint click here

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