Griots Lounge Publishing, an imprint of Yagazie Media Limited, wishes to announce that we are ready to receive manuscripts from African writers of fiction (novels). We publish prose of general interest as may please our editorial board. You may submit manuscripts on any topic that will appeal first to our African readers, and then to our global readers. Remember that Griots Lounge Publishing is focused on topical themes written with sound research and imaginative power. Please, also you check our guidelines on submissions page to ensure your submission goes through.

Griots Lounge Publishing may favour female African writers more than the male writers, but everyone is encouraged to make submissions, as we are only after beautifully written works.

If you find your manuscript eligible for the Griots Lounge imprint, send the first three chapters of your work, a brief synopsis (250 words) and a cover letter (also introducing yourself) to or you can post printed submission to our office. All submissions MUST be written in English language.

Address to:

The Publisher

Griots Lounge Publishing,

Yagazie Media Limited,

P.O.Box 2682, Owerri,

Imo State, Nigeria


To be an African writer means;

  • You are a citizen or national of an African country.
  • One of your parents is a national of an African country.
  • You are of black ethnicity or belong to a black minority population anywhere in the world.

Submission Deadline: 1st November to 10th December, 2019

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we may not respond to your submission before six (6) weeks after we receive it, but be assured we will be responding to you and letting you know the fate of your submission.



  • I believe this is a good initiative and I will do my best to summit my own. Thank you

  • Frank Chanda Bwelele says:

    Hai! My name is Chanda Bwelele from Zambia. I may not have my own scrips but have a suggestion that can work.

    We have many fiction stories that were written by our parents and some stories that are based on the Lozi tradition and some based on real stories.

    Recently, someone record the books in audiobook but i think the books can be further made into audiovisual material.

    Some of the stories are used in schools and i see even a further opportunity to make more money if produced in the local language or English.

    These books are played everyday at one of our Radio stations since we don’t have a local TV station.

    Chanda Bwelele

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