Griots Lounge

Griots Lounge Publishing has set out to make a bold impression on modern West African
and, most recently, the North American literary scenes, publishing award winning authors
and powering literary events. Together with partners and associates, we continue to treat
booklovers with growing list of highly acclaimed works of creative literature.

Established in 2012, Griot’s Lounge was the publishing trademark of Yagazie Media
Limited, based in Nigeria, dedicated to publishing great stories alongside, motivating and
encouraging upcoming writers who have the right skills and vitality to expand our collective
craving for storytelling. And in June 2020, Griots Lounge Publishing became independent
and headquartered in the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Our mission is to add zest to the global story culture, through delivery of comprehensive
publishing services to the pool of talents and creative enthusiasts, for our community and
all, with focus on forms of literature ranging from children’s storybook, poetry, adult fiction,
non-fiction, biographies, and many more, together with a trend of projects and events
focused on promotion and marketing of talents and creativity.

Our Authors
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