How Morning Remembers the Night, Ifesinachi Nwadike.


How Morning Remembers the Night captures the poet’s journey on the streets of memory. He voyages into houses filled with grief and those filled with polithievians — a word coined for corrupt politicians—like an expert navigator.  This collection of poetry leaves the reader enthralled by how the poet paints images with words, spellbinding his readers.
The poet also weaves emotive lines for lovers to savour as he takes the reader on a trip full of heartbreaks and near-misses in his recollections. In the last poem, he fittingly ends the book with “May rose flowers bloom on the road that crossed our paths”; a tribute to a love so close, so real, but now a memory. This is a fascinating collection broken into parts but all connected to a general theme —  personal and collective grief.

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About Author: 
Ifesinachi Nwadike is a rapper, essayist, poet and playwright whose works have appeared in Ake Review, ANA Review, The Sun Review, Praxis Magazine, Ngiga Review, Black Boy Review, African Writer and a host of other credible magazines.
He is the Founding Editor of Ngiga Review and Co-Facilitator, Ngiga Book Club.
He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.


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