The title of this book is fascinating, what starts small but sweet? The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review.


Nigeria is a careless woman, very careless. Everyone steals from her. She leaves her purse for all to see

Things That Starts Small But Sweet is a collection of twelve short stories. Although it comprises of other settings, in a way the author makes it tell the story of the Makoko people.

Not only is the title of the book fascinating, the title of each story is unique; Things That Prosper Us, We Lose The Things We Love, Water and Things That Separate Us.

The first story in the collection, ‘Things That Prosper Us’ tells the story of a con man everyone believes to be a preacher who seeks other means to get power but life catches up with him. The second story, ‘Things That Start Small But Sweet’, explores the life of Makoko children and the strive for survival. ‘When Things Change’ is a story that mirrors when an individual climbs a ladder to the end, suddenly the ladder is removed. It tells the story of life disappointments.

In the story, ‘We Can’t Beat These Things’, we are introduced to the story of a Nnamdi who believes and chases the abroad dream. Nnamdi encounters a politician in the hospital he worked, which made him reflect on the state of Nigeria and her greedy leaders. This story stood out for me and it is one of my favorites.

Things That Start Small But Sweet is a collection of short stories that takes us on a journey of survival, ambition, bad governance, suffering and little things that actually matter.


I never paid attention to short stories until recently and I realized that I actually enjoy them. Reading this book, I felt drawn to these narratives, I felt connected to the author in a way and could feel his uniqueness in every story. It was like a warm embrace.

I enjoyed reading this book, the stories were relatable and enjoyable. I know I mentioned this before, I love the title. I liked the poem at the beginning, it is absolutely beautiful and the images in the book.

I know short stories do not give you all the closure in the world but there were stories I felt heartbroken at the end, I felt open and abandoned after reading some stories (how could you leave me like that???)


Yes, it is a short easy collection of short stories you will enjoy. It is a 3.5/5.

Title: Things That Start Small but Sweet

Author: Bibi Ukonu

Publisher: Griots Lounge Publishers

Source: The author

Pages: 137 pages

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.



Bibi Ukonu

Bibi Ukonu

BIBI UKONU is an architect, poet and novelist. He is published online, and in print magazines, such as Pyramid Magazine and Twilight Musings of the International Library of Poetry. He is also the Editor of CityDezigns Magazine, and writes about Architecture and Sustainable Development. THINGS THAT START SMALL BUT SWEET is his second collection of short stories.

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